Machel Montano – “Erupt”

Ask any masquerader and they will swiftly reveal that the approximately 12 months between Carnivals are the absolute hardest to endure. Beneath perfectly coiffed public faces, they live with an unrelenting build up of sharp tension, which stretches across tendons and joints, until that hallowed moment when for two liberating days they can finally “ERUPT”!

From the compelling opening call of the horn and tins of the Jab Molassies to the raging guitar riff and the heated brass line, this release is a powerful summons to burst onto the black carpet by Monk Monté.

Clear in its intention and written cunningly by Kernal Roberts and Machel Montano, the track has only one goal; to vigorously propel everyone into a festive state of mind.

Produced by Kernal, Jean-Marc Gittens, alongside Machel, this musical explosion was also co produced by Thygeson “Penn” Joseph and Irvin “Ace” Loctar of St. Lucia’s 758 Studio and also St. Vincent’s Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell making it a volatile combination of Caribbean talent.

Be prepared to feel every internal emotion spew up and away with full force when this dome of melodious energy roars onto the airwaves.

Instantly, it will make you Erupt!

Machel Montano – “Erupt” ft. Laventille Rhythm Section

Performed by Machel Montano
Written by Kernal Roberts & Machel Montano
Produced by Kernal Roberts, Jean-Marc Gittens & Machel Montano
Co-produced by Thygeson “Penn” Joseph, Irvin “Ace” Loctar & Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell
Background vocals : Nikita Brown
Live instrumentation: Trumpet by Charles Williams, Trombone by David Jacob, Saxophone by Garvin Marcelle
Recorded by Jean-Marc Gittens, Alex “Kubiyashi” Barnwell & Machel Montano
Mixed by Thygeson “Penn” Joseph
Mastered by Alex DeYoung
Press Release Creative Writing by Mystie Thongs